Canada + A Wedding

Oh how I miss Canada...

Vancouver is so beautiful in the fall. We ate well, stayed up entirely too late each night hanging with awesome friends in adjoining hotel rooms, explored and celebrated a wedding. 

(In a nut shell.)

We smelled fresh air and walked for miles and day dreamed about buying a second or third home there one day...It was the perfect mini-trip. 

So perfect I think I may have left my brain back there. Writing and work just aren't coming like they should. I'm going to spend this week trying to get back into my groove. 

I shot my diet to hell while there (late night potato chips, pizza, hot dogs...I'm ashamed) so I'll be rebuilding my stomach and poo routine. Wish me luck! Seriously...


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. My friend lives in Melbourne and she always tells me that autumn is simply the best there. Have a great morning, darling.


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