Bring on the Valtrex!

Oh snap!

I went into the dermatologist on Monday to get help with my recently exploding pizza face issues and it just so happened that I had developed what I like to refer to as "leprocy" (aka I got a HUGE cold sore that demolished my lip) so the doctor was all up in my grill about it. (timing is a mother snitch, ain't it?!)

I get those bad boys maybe once a year, but lately it seems like I get 'em every time I travel for a couple of days...stress, diet changes...what can I say; I'm a sensitive gal. So anyways, the doc took one look at my lip and prescribed me Valtrex...You know, the Herpes medicine that you always see on TV.

Yep...I had to go to the pharmacy and sit there as the chick did a double take on what she was handing over...I thought I would die when she started giving me wonky looks. Yes! I have a huge bit of leprocy on my face! It happens! Stop looking! Move on!

That was my one and only time to go out in public. I don't enjoy the stares so I just sit at home nursing my herpe (un sore),  feeling sorry for myself and cursing the acids in my body.


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