Bride Babble


"Do you have a theme?!"

"What's your color pallette?"

"Are you inviting cousin Betsy?"

Oh the babble that comes with wedding planning. I swear I'm not normal. You wanna know what I've been babbling to Jersey?

"Can I have poop cupcakes, pleeeeeease?! What if we just order a bunch of pizzas for people!? I swear I will cut you with a shank from a church pew if you make me wear heels down the aisle!"

I'm what some refined bridal experts would call, "A hot mess, nontraditional bride." What's the fun in wedding planning if you can't make it your own? Yes, I realize I'm a tad bit bonkers, but who decided that chicken or fish HAD to be served?! Where in the constitution of bridal etiquette does it say you can't have poop cupcakes as a groom's cake/dessert?

Wedding 1, Tishy 0.

We've booked a venue! 
Now I've been instructed by Mo to chill the heck out for three months. Gladly!


  1. I'm thinking poop cupcakes could work.
    Plus, they've got to be easy on the budget right? I mean how detailed/time intensive can the decorating on those bad boys be?

  2. And that is why you rock! Totally easy on the budget! You just swirl some brown frosting around :)


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