A Wedding Planner

I'm throwing this out into the universe. I want a wedding planner.

Why you ask?

Because I sit in a weird conundrum of poo. I want the wedding I envision...simple, elegant and whimsical BUT I don't want to plan it on my own and I can't wait for my chill family and friends to do it for me (both my mom and my gal pal have volunteered, but I just feel bad. I don't think they realize just how Kunta I'd turn them.) Jump slave! JUMP!

We have this super duper specific idea...every thing's planned out. I know how it should look. I just don't know when you plan all that ish. I don't know how to get the best price for what I want. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know times infinity.

I'm not looking for a Mindy Weiss production...I just want a cute Mish-like wedding. (For all those who still don't know; Jersey's real name is Mark. Cat is out of the frickin bag.) So this evening I shall meet a planner who my married pal recommended. The planner asked if Jersey and I would like to meet her up at Jinky's...

Y'all if that's not a sign! Pumpkin pancake land?! I think we may be soul mates.


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