A Love Letter to Eva

This is why I love blogs...

The act of writing and publishing said posts into the webs opens lovely doors...helps you find other bloggers and find new, groovy things. Yesterday's post got one lovely comment from a gal named Emily. I popped on over to her blog and found THIS.

There's just something absolutely, positively wonderful about love letters. (There's a reason they had to publish a book of love letters after Sex and the City put that *idear out into the world.) Who doesn't swoon when someone's spouting sweet everythings?

Love, love, love...

I'm not sleeping because wedding stuff has me a bit sad. It crushes you a little, doesn't it? It's not as fun and free as you're made to believe. Nothing's cheap. ESPECIALLY in Los Angeles. So every time I get to remember the love part and forget the pocket pinching I'm better.

Love, love, love...

Wedding 1, Tishy, 1

*idear = Jersey's way of saying idea...tickles me green.


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