When You Propose to an Actress...

When you propose to an actress you should pretty much expect theatrics to enter your life at some point. (Both literally and figuratively speaking.)

I think Jersey's finally gotten the hang of me and my incessant reality tv ideas. This evening we'll be doing an interview with a casting director about our wedding planning ish. If chosen we could be on a show (that we don't even know the title of yet) and receive money for the wedding. Boo ya!

I'm staying up tonight to work on our dream board (which the casting chica said I should have on hand.) I'm about to make some camera magic happen up in casa de kiwi tonight y'all!

I'm gonna make it rain bridal ish! Cross your fingers, say a prayer and send good thoughts our way. Any kind of break would ensure I keep sane during this crazy, hot mess of a project called wedding planning.

It was pretty fun to work with him actually. We started listing all of the best love songs we could think of and jamming our little butts OFF. It's nights like that which I'll need to remember and call upon when ole boy has just laid a giant stink bomb and blamed it on me in a public place...or when he's come home from work and decided his bad energy should all be dumped on my perky little lap....or when he cuts off all that hot samurai hair someday. I shall remember he cut and taped makeup looks on a wedding board and did it happily while swaying to Linda Ronstadt.


  1. Genius! Sending all my good vibes, and can't wait to see the board :)


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