Timid Research

So my last wedding post broke my mama's heart. She told me I couldn't give up on wedding stuff so easily. Hearing the sadness and seeing Jersey's disappointment was a bit too much for me so I've timidly started responding to emails from venues and caterers.

Do you remember that one scene in Father of the Bride when he loses his ish in the grocery store? It involves buns and a scared employee...him going to jail? Well I feel like George Banks post bun incident every time we go visit a venue and they make it seem so cheap and lovely. They wait until they see the hint of possibility and hope flicker across my face and then they hit me with the hook and bait!

"Of course in order to breath our air you have to pay this fee. The cost of walking in this corner will cost this. Oh you want forks to eat your food with? That will cost $20 per person. Do you think your guests will need toilet paper?"

(evil scribble scribble scribble, tally tally tally, kaching kaching kaching!)

I start to twitch.

Jersey and I went and looked at a place yesterday that I should have KNOWN was too good to be true. The costs just started hopping around like a cracked out frog. I am trying my hardest to stay away from the bun aisle.

My very hardest...

Can't I just borrow someone else's flowers and wedding ish? It was just gonna get thrown in the trash anyway! Why not!?


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