Kindred Spirits

Sometimes you just need a friend and you don't realize how much you needed them until the moment you hug and she says everything will be okay.

That's what happened last night when I hung with one of my gal pals. I met her at her brand new home, she gave me an awesome tour of her loveliness, we drank some wine and then we walked to a local restaurant in her neighborhood and dined on delicious food and gabbed away.

I've always known she was a good egg, but the minute she started asking me how she could help with all of life's little stresses I knew she was golden. I started tearing up. 

I'm blessed to have a dear friend who I can talk to about all of the weird little isms going on in my life. She never judges, she listens, she gets it and then I reciprocate back the same sentiments and life is wonderful...complete with George Bailey townsfolk and Zuzu's rose petals.

I get that not everyone's gonna want to hear about wedding ish. Trust me, I get it, but indifference sucks. I've had some nasty passive aggressive shat come my way as of late from women who obviously don't realize just how sensitive I am to human behavioral shifts. I see through all that bull crap. When there's an intent to hurt I go on lock down; crying mode activates and my defenses go up. 

It's been really bothering me lately so meeting up with such a sweet soul was just what my heart and sanity needed. 

I am grateful for the women in my life who share the sweetness, strength and honesty a gal like me needs in order to survive this crazy time. 

Thank you. You know who you are. (Because I tell you AS.MUCH.AS.I.CAN.)


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