Karaoke + A Cool Arse Pad

I may be an actress, but that doesn't mean I'll perform anything at a drop of a hat. I am anti-karaoke like a mother trucker. For YEARS my parents tried to get me to loosen up and try it, but I was always the sourpuss in the corner, arms crossed saying, "No. No. No. NOOOOooOOOOOO!"

My gal pal Nina was quite convincing, though. She told Jersey and I about this spot where you have your own private room. I was totally cool with the 'friends only' idea so I said why not. Saturday we met up with Nina and our friends Shana and Damien for some scoops of awesome.

We got our little room, popped open the liquor and the snacks and went buck buck on the mic. It was fun! I really do suck balls at singing...I just can't carry a note to save a soul, but the peeps I was with were so fun and carefree it mattered not.

Also, I've decided that I stalk not only Jersey, but Nina. She's this cool graphic designer chick who I met at a pinterest party a couple of years ago. She grabs life by the balls and shakes 'em like one would shake maracas. I stalked her house cuz her and her roomie are creative nuts and have my dream aesthetic.

How cool is this bed?!


Color Coordinated


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