Bill Cunningham


"Lots of people may have taste, but they don't have the daring to be creative." ~Bill

What a delightful documentary Bill Cunningham New York was to watch! I decided to treat myself to some good film last night. It being fashion week and all I thought the film on Bill would do. (I might as well worship when in Rome.)

Bill is THE street photographer. According to Anna Wintour, he's the guy you get dressed for in the morning. If he snaps you, you're golden; if he doesn't it's death lol.

But yet he doesn't choose looks...He never discriminates. You'll see him snapping so many different looks, styles...It's refreshing! You'll meet some other characters that will have you giggling in your jeans, too.

I love his demeanor, his freedom, his eye and his sass. Yeah, that New Yorker has some sass! His gumption and his wit...

If I ever see him in New York I may just shat myself. When I take a liking to a photographer it's a love I hold for a life time. My heart just stalks like that.

Fun fact: We share a birthday. Shout out to the March 13th babies!


  1. Maybe he'll snap you one day ;) Better make each day count and prepare for the best!

  2. Shout out to March birthdays! Love this man, so much talent! Thank you for highlighting him today :)
    xo TJ

  3. No prob TJ! He's a great one to gush about!


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