An Update on the Wedding Show

So that show Jersey and I are trying out for...

Well yesterday they asked me to come back in and shoot some more footage, which I'm hoping is a good sign. It was fun to drive to the studio and meet a new woman who's also on the "Mish" project. She was super duper kind and easy to talk to. (She got so friendly she even got to touch my mic kept slipping, but still...)

I opened up a bit more about the parts of our story that they were interested in (see how I'm not telling y'all a dang thing?! Mwahahaha) and failed miserably by crying. I just get really overwhelmed really easy about all this wedding ish and how it's all supposed to work.

I had a hard day yesterday, but it ended on such a better note. Those ladies put me in such a good mood...You wouldn't believe what reminiscing about the fella you love will do for your mood!

Then I came home to a clean home and dinner waiting. How good is he? GOOD, Y'ALL!

I love me some him.

Back to the show, though! Next steps: the crew will edit all of our video together and present it to their bosses. If they like us, they'll take us and you'll get another update.

Are your toes crossed?


  1. soooo cool, and soooo fun!

    I really hope that this will work in your favor...and even if not, what a fun process for you two! :)

  2. Yaaay! I don't think it's a miserable fail to cry, though - no one wants to watch some heartless chick talk about her wedding...unless this is Bridezillas...oh wait, which I'm sure it's not. Hehe love you!


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