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So one of my buddies who happens to make BIG PEOPLE films with BIG SOMEBODIES (I just felt like putting that in caps to emphasize the drama of it all...) emailed me yesterday to tell me congrats about the engagement.

I may be stressing over wedding ish, but nothing will EVER compare to the amount of stress and angst that accompanies my drive to be an actor. So expect acting rants still. (Never giving up my dream fools!)

...Back to the buddy who works with SOMEBODIES. He told me he just finished wrapping on a film with Natalie Portman and Terrence Malick (Director of Tree of Life)...and he has yet to say, "Hey Tish, I know this has always been your dream. I know this because I was one of your pals who would sit and talk about said dreams with. I got you a very small speaking part in the film. Time to prove your chops."

Nope...hasn't said any of that. I wish for that! I'm hoping for that! What's so wrong with giving a friend a shot?! How else does a gal make it in this industry unless someone speaks up and says, "Hey I might just have a goofy girl for you..."

Damn it sucks to be so close and yet so frickin not close at all. Are there still people out there who believe I can even make it?!

Am I asking too much of this friend? If you're working with the SOMEBODIES doesn't that mean you have a wee bit of clout? Sigh...


  1. So, I really want you to punch the friend...well, then you might not get a job. Okay. Disregard that. maybe you need to bribe friend?


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