The Shack

As a self-proclaimed book whisper I firmly believe that a book chooses you. It finds you when its darn good ready to be read. It tweaks, changes, adjusts, enlightens, inspires, teaches...My word, it does ALL THE THINGS and it's beautiful.

It's been a looong time since a book has chosen me. I've been on my book club kick and I've been THE slowest reader so I never have time to for my own ish. That is until the Shack came along. People have been telling me about it for so long and then randomly it appeared in a pile of books a friend was giving away so I picked it up and took it home.

Fast forward a couple months; I finally get to the book. I couldn't put it down. It started out pretty lame. (If I'm being honest.) The writing was bland. The author spent a little too much time setting up the story. Luckily I kept going. A couple chapters in and the tone, language and subject content changed for the better and I was hooked. Without giving anything away, I started out thinking the book was one thing. Then after a couple of chapters I thought it was something else. Then I got deeper and it was something else and then once I got the purpose of the book and all that my mind was BLOWN.

I finished it this week and I cried. Jersey's reading it with me so I can't wait for him to finish. I need to talk about this book with someone!

If you've read it you should holler at me. I need to pick a brain!


  1. Been awhile but dang I loved that book.

  2. Me too! AND I got that book from your daughter :)


    Always wanted to do a dinner party and have people who had read it just to hear the discussion, you'd be invited:) He wrote the Trinity in such an awesome way.


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