Last Tuesday I was invited to a Macy Gray/Seal concert in Downtown LA. I knew it would be fun, but I didn't expect to sit there like a drooling fool watching the man perform!

I've always loved Seal's voice, but I really dig it in person. It's so raw and strong. Dat boy got a gift!

I can't explain the magnetism that shoots out of that dude! From the sweat on his bald head, down to his beautiful scars, down to his shiny cool black-painted fingernails...he was just captivating the audience.

He's kind of like the Will Smith of music. He captures this race-less,gender-less, age-less, totally eclectic audience in his stage presence; men and women were all getting into it. He just exudes this beautiful energy...

This will help you understand why I had to tape every dang song he sang. I'd put my phone away and then he'd start singing something else that was totally amazing and out came the camera again. I.COULD.NOT.HELP.MYSELF.


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