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So I've always been a dreamer...

Sometimes I see things that happen...sometimes I see things that should happen (i.e. like that one time I had the dream I was at the Oscars.) So I've been really stressed about wedding planning. I KNOW everyone has told me to take a couple weeks to let it sink in, but I knew deep down a month wasn't going to help ease the worry in my heart...

You see I don't have that girl gene that knows what type of wedding dress flatters my eyes and hips (shaking my head just writing that!) I also don't have the gene that knows what kind of ceremony I should have blah blah blah...I just never wanted any of that. I love seeing other people do it, but it was never my bag.

So every night since I got engaged I've cried and cried to Jersey and apologized for not being girly enough, but something happened Wednesday night. I had a dream about our perfect wedding...or rather our perfect big ass party. I woke up--full of sun shine and energy--and just exploded out with ideas. I woke Jersey and started pouring out ish to him.

He with perfectly weird morning hair looked at me with puffy eyes and then lied back down.

Later he came to me and said I was on to something...liked my whole philosophy about the "big party" and so we're actually in planning mode.

I'm planning ish!!! I may not have the girly gene...I may never utter the words, "Mama, my colors are blush and bashful," but I am giddy as a girl in a Christian Louboutin boutique.  I'm excited and I don't want to run every time I see Jersey now...I don't fear his starry-eyed plans for suits and cocktails...Now I get it that it's about us and our version of celebration. All that cheesy, cliche stuff is TOTALLY true.

So I'm sleeping better...and I'm looking forward to doing what I've always done...going through life with my buddy Jersey. Life.Is.Beautiful.

Jersey's magic morning hair usually looks something like this.


  1. Woot! It's all yours, so I'm glad you realized what you want "it" to be :)

  2. Why do I have this image of you (accidentally) punching him in the chest with excitement to pour out your ideas, and he just looks at you like, "this is the cray girl I love," and then passes out when you're done with your stream of excited blather? That's what I picture, anyway.

    Also, your party is going to be supermegafoxyawesomehot.

  3. LOL You imagine so perfectly! lol

  4. It sounds like you figured out exactly what my advice would've been! Do it the way you want! It's your day. And don't worry about the perfect dress and not knowing what to look for. I don't EVER wear dresses, so I had the same fears. When you find it, you'll know. :-) Congrats again!

  5. You will have to have a Skype table so all us blog stalkers can enjoy your party day too! :)


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