On the Downtown Train

I know it's coocoo for cocoa puffs, but LA, indeed, does have a subway system.

Last night I went to a concert with some gal pals at the Nokio Theater. Instead of braving LA traffic we decided to meet up at the North Hollywood subway entrance and ride a train down to the concert.

I've experimented with LA public transportation before. Jersey and I took the train a couple of times downtown for exploration purposes. It's a fun adventure. (I totally recommend it.) It was always on the weekends and always during the day, though.

Taking the train at night is a completely different experience. I saw the tired coming home from long arse shifts; kids with bikes and skateboards giving their wheels a break to get from point A to point B; and families.

There were these two children in particular that I just couldn't stop watching. Two boys, one probably 10, the other 6 or so, sat together while their mama slept in the seat behind them. The older of the two, obviously the protector, made sure his brother had water and snacks and when the youngest got tired, his brother let him lay on his lap. With one hand the eldest clung to a black ball while he stroked the young one's hair in the other.

It was unbelievably touching. I love seeing siblings being so kind and loving which each other. Especially little boys...especially little boys who look like my guy bestie in Middle Earth, Fat.

"Human kindness is overflowing...and I think it's gonna rain today..."


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