Hermes Fall 2012


Tomboy Chic is in the house...pelvic thrusts for all!

Credit: NY Times Fancy Schmancy Photographer

...and then a fun little whimsical dress that reminds me of Cindy Loo Who on acid...but in a good way.

Some days I have tons and tons to write about. I'm like that now. I have tons of words pushed flat against my head; just bursting to come out, but for some reason I feel like it's something I just keep on writing over and over again: I can't wait to make it. I'm scared. I still want it. It's hard. It's expensive. It's not a kind industry. Friends aren't as eager to help if they've somehow found a way to glass ceiling #1. My skin's going wonky and while one half of me cares not, ish (aka acne) happens,the other side of me knows I have to look halfway decent and anti-crack headish if I want to charm a casting director into giving me some kind of break.

So instead of writing all that day in and day out I give you all pretty pictures. 

What's really going on vs the creative stuff I fill my mind with so that the worry doesn't consume me.


  1. That top look is perfect. I love the the colour, the coat is simply snazzy and the whole vibe rocks. Happy Tuesday, sunshine. xoxoxo


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