Gratitudes + Affirmations + Wishes

For years now J and I have sent morning emails with three things we're grateful for. It's been lovely to share such a positive practice. Taking the time to sit and write what you're grateful for is a blessing. It helps you keep things in perspective...helps you remain in the present and most of all helps sustain your happiness (which is all perspective anyways!)

This week J upped the ante with the good vibration ish. She asked if we could add affirmations and wishes to that lovely morning email and of course I said yes.

I'm saving these good girls for rainy days. I love writing them. I love sharing them with her! I've known that woman since we were 14, but the time has never led me to take her for granted. She changes and grows every day  (a Bridesmaids quote just popped up in my head because of this.) This morning email we share keeps me in the know...I learn something new about her and her lovely big soul every darn day.

I totally recommend trying it with a close friend. Then let me know how it's working out for you. I'm sharing the cyber love!

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