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The other day I had a total melt down with the fella. I was trying to have a nice, relaxing rant about feminism and how backwards and shallow society still is about a woman's worth being tied to her beauty.

Needless to say we got over the tif, but I couldn't shake the longing for some good old fashioned nerd talk. It's been a long time since I've had a clever, fun discussion with a gal pal. You know, the type of conversation where you sit at a coffee shop, sipping your matcha latte with rice milk and discuss the workings of the world?...No? Just me? Poop.

Anyways. I have really great friends (and one awesome best bud) who provide endless amounts of entertainment for me via phone and computer, but I wanted a physical date yesterday.

I opened up to J about it. Before I knew what was happening we were engaged in THE best, most random conversation that included, Paul Ryan (Romney's choice for VP), feminism, Helen Gurley Brown (and our differing opinions on how she hurt/helped the feminist cause), poop, workouts, babies, The Bodyguard, the books we're currently reading, the stupid K-Stewart/Pattinson cheat heard round the world, as well as a Tolstoy recommendation.

It was just what I needed: A little bit of nerd, a little bit of gossip and a whole lot of interest! Sincerely needed that more than a Kardashian needs a kamera!

Then my Twinkie sent some hilarious videos to keep me entertained and I forgot all about that coffee chat I so desperately wanted. I decided to share some of that conversation with you. Do you see the twinkle in my eye? Pure joy right there!


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