Coaxing a Mood

I overhead a woman on This American Life use the phrase, "We were coaxing a mood out of him," and it stuck with me.

I'm still allowing that idea of having the power to coax a mood out of someone roll around in my brain. I'm not too sure it's possible to coax moods. Well, I take that back. I think it's easy to coax a bad mood out of someone. (Try talking to Jersey about the sucker punch to Carmelo Anthony's nuts he witnessed in yesterday's game and you'll see just how quickly his mood changes!)

Changing someone's mood for the better is hard, though. I have two friends currently suffering from BFH (breakups from hell) and there's no consoling those types of sadness.

I remember being there. Time and a lot of Something's Gotta Give...those were the only things that could pull my butt out of the belly of the beast.

I hate not being able to help. Us clowns live for smiles. Any suggestions on how to coax?

Please share.

PS I've already tried getting them to say, "I have farted in my pants and am now one with the world." It didn't work.


  1. What if, we just BE with them?? I mean after a week or so kick me where it hurts but for a time just BE and allow them to???

  2. LOL so simple. Makes sense. So HARD for me. I'm a fixer to the core. But that could be the best gift to give them. ♥

  3. Great quote from "Mr. Universe": Of course, you can't control other people, tish. Not even a little; not a smidge. Every man and woman is their own sailing vessel powered by their own thoughts, emotions, and imagination. You can't improve their smile, nor even add to their woes, unless, at some level, they let you.

    So, does that pretty much clear up the effect others can have on you?

    You rule,
    The Universe


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