Last night I went to the Craft and Folk Art Museum with some gal pals to partake in craft night. Yeah, I know. It sounds adorable, right?

I would have called it adorable too if I wouldn't have had a "Pretty Woman" moment. The minute I walked in there was this really snarky bad energy lingering around that I couldn't shake. Like bad...The folks at the counter were moody and short with me and then the chick in the gift shop was ignoring me like I was the stinky girl on a hot day. I WAS gonna buy something, but never the mind. She worked on commission I hope.

Ignoring all of that (which I failed at miserably) it could be a really fun experience to share with your friends. I mean you're sitting at a big table, cutting out shapes and painting with your pals. 

I mean, I bought finger paints for home and I sit and do that on the weekend by myself like it's nobody's business! Inviting more people to the painting boom boom room is always preferred! 

These stationary sets came with instructions on how to make origami. One set featured geisha doll origamis. I geeked, but then wondered what I'd do with all the paper geishas after that...(hmmm Good question.)
Out, damn spot!

We got right down to business. Printmaking in its finest hour. 
Still trying to figure out why Jose and Jim were on all the pencils???
While our printmaking paper cutouts were drying, we got to go upstairs and check out the museum. Right now baseball is on display. I dug the green walls immensely. Loved the memorabilia. I would have dug seeing Negro League ish, but sadly they were without. They DID manage to wrastle up some Women's League stuff, though! "We're one for all, we're all for one! We're all American!" 
Crushed coffee cups. Don't ask me...It's art.
Loved this woman's doodle face.
art. schmart. fart.bart.


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