American Ninja Warrior

I am on pins and needles. My palms are sweating. My TOES are sweating. I can't look. I can't breath! Then I wanted to bleed cry when Brent fell in stage three. No American has ever become a Ninja Warrior. Not ONE!

Well except for my kid sister who earned the title when she turned terrible two.

It's blurry. I apologize, but that is my kid sister, Nina the Ninja Warrior. Her outfit wasn't complete unless she could rock her ninja head band. Kid was mad weird, but she kept my days interesting for sure. 


  1. hahaha yeeeaah! I can't believe Mom doesn't have clear documentation of this phase! :D

  2. LOL...Right? She got it off her phone. tsk tsk. I won't complain though. She's leaps and bounds over most moms. That woman can rock her iPhone like a true gangsta pimp.


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