Summer Can Begin!

I can't believe it's finally here! I'm finally going on vacation! (visiting fam bam is nice, but that doesn't count people.) It's real vacation time. Yes, it involves family, but we're staying in beautiful condos, eating my uncle's divine BBQ, my mom's world-famous brisket and doing the white water rafting/outdoorsy stuff.

We (Jersey and the 'rents) plan to head out tonight for Oregon. We'll drive for as long as we care to and then we'll stay in a hotel and finish the rest of the darn trip the next day.

I must really love this man to take him on a road trip with my folks. Jersey listens to what I lovingly refer to as "panty dropping" music. My mom listens to 70's rock. I like Spice Girls when I need to stay awake so... Let the games begin. I think I'll need some Willie Nelson.

 "On the Road Again"


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