Spur of the Moment

So Jersey and I haven't had an adventure in quite some time so we decided to hop in the car early Saturday morning and make a day out of San Diego. We had such a blast taking it beat by beat. We started off by visiting this awesome restaurant that serves portions that I truly believe are the number one cause for obesity in America...


Do you see how big this plate is?!

After the grub we knew we needed to do something fun and active that would work off those ginormous meals. Jersey had never been to the San Diego Zoo so guess what we did. It was meant to be, too. We were walking up to the gate and this nice couple approached us and asked if we needed tickets. Apparently their friends flaked and they had extra tickets that they only made us pay half for. SCORE!

This mango strawberry margarita from Casa Guadalajara was the bomb. Love that it matched my place setting.

I love the little shops in Old Town San Diego...

We had THE best coffee splurge, too. Caramel dulce de leche? Whaaaaaa

Jersey's a big fan of haunted anything. Apparently the Whaley House is one of two places in the country that's officially haunted. Not just speculations. Creepy? Yes.

After the Whaley adventure we took a trip to the cemetery down the street (morbid, aren't we?) and checked out some of the graves the tour guide told us about. That part was creepy...especially since the sun was going down. Who hangs out in a cemetery?! Jersey.

We left shortly after that last adventure...came home exhausted out of our minds, but it was worth it. It's days like Saturday that make me love my glorious Southern California.  There's adventures oozing out of every mile of this gosh darn area.


  1. I love cemeteries. They're beautiful.

  2. Sounds like a loverly weekend with your beau. Glad you two had a good time.

    Also, re: who hangs out in a cemetery?!? Really, Kiwi?!? YOU DO (when there's a classic Hollywood film playing)!!! ;)


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