Road Trip Chronicles

Northern California:

Mo is telling hilarious stories about me and my dramatic tantrums as a child. Apparently I yelled in a grocery store that my mother never let me watch my movies... She always watched nasty movies (her movie was Field of Dreams)

...The two of us are in the backseat slapping each other senseless as the men folk giggle at us.

How can you not love road trips? I swear Chevy made a huge mistake by not booking me for that national commercial about such trips. I appreciate the ish out of these kinda of adventures!


  1. lol.. i once hid underneath one of the racks in a supermarket. My mom kept yelling out for me and I who was now terrified and couldn't get out.. actually i don't remember what i did.. it's been quite some time since my mother shared that story but we were reunited in the end.

    I love a good road trip. We just got back from one in May. We try to take one every year.


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