Meaning in the Meager

Even those who practice the art of tomboy chic need a signature scent. I've gone through so many perfumes over the years. I'm not really good about having a couple of perfumes for different occasions. I get one and I stick to it for years.

I purchased this bottle last year and it still makes my eyes roll every time I spray a spurt. It's cliche (just a tiny bit) that it's called Very Hollywood, but I care not. I don't like smelling like a powdered old lady....hate floral scents with a passion and twitch when some thing's overpowering.

I'm that girl who walks through a perfume section with her nose scrunched shaking her head no at all the perfume sprayers. When I hear about new perfumes I write them down and then I go out seeking it to see how it smells. It's a lot of leg work for sure, but my nose is worth it.

Do you have a signature scent?


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