Meaning in the Meager

When my father passed away I was given a few of his things: a tape of Earth, Wind & Fire songs, a bunch of his chemistry books and this little bunny below that he kept on his work desk. (Random and beautiful, don't you think?)

When I received his things as a 9 year-old I wasn't cognizant of how much important they'd become later in life. The music wasn't really my thing as a kid (though I did try my hardest to love it) and the chemistry books made my head hurt, but luckily I hung on to the bunny which now sits near all my jewelry. It's kept near my favorite pieces just as it should be. 

It has a broken little was probably some cute inside joke between my dad and his coworkers that he detested, but I care not. It's something of his and for that it's probably one of those items I'd list if you asked me what I'd grab if my home were on fire and I could only take three things. 

Apparently Jersey never knew the story behind this little guy until this weekend. Now I catch him looking at it like I do; with love and curiosity. 

Love some bunny and cherish the good. 


  1. so sweet. love that little bunny and all it stands for. lotta love. :)


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