Meaning in the Meager

Today I celebrate my library card's lovely meaning. This thing is the bomb and saves me from financial ruin. (Well if I read books faster it would.) I love when I find the book we're reading for book club at the library. Makes my heart do mini, fast and controlled booty shake wiggles.

Our last book was one I chose. It was so new none of the libraries had it yet so the book lost points before I even cracked the darn thing. Now we've moved on to Nickel and Dimed and that bad girl was in so I was happy and then some.

God bless the piece of plastic that actually saves me money instead of sucking the green stuff dry.


  1. I need a library card so bad! Reading gets expensive!!! I have an ipad so luckily on there I save with some free books! xo

  2. Plus you can get library ebooks on your iPad! I do that :) It's groovy!


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