Luscious Liz


My secret hidden inner party animal has come out to howl and get buck buck! Okay so it's not so hidden and secret, but it feels that way when I have to be miss goody goody two-shoes during the week. Humor me a little.

My college pal...siamese twin (cajoined twin at the hip) Liz is in town visiting me and I can't even begin to tell you how dope it is to walk down memory lane with her. When we were upset or needed a jolt of good buddy time we'd meet at this little snowcone stand off campus and we'd sit there for an hour laughing and clearing the air of any silly college drama we had found ourselves in.

We set each other up on some interesting dates...(I once introduced her to a man who everyone called "Bubbles"...I'm truly sorry about that lapse in judgement, my dear.)

Now that she's a big shot director at a University in Middle Earth we rarely get to see each other. Thankfully she's out here ready to cause some new and improved havoc with me in LA...meaning we'll go to Pink Taco tonight and get hammered on sangrias.

Putting the ass in class since 2000.


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