Hope Chest

Have you ever heard of a hope chest?

Well for my high school graduation gift, my great aunt had one made for me. When I went to college I filled it with books, pictures, and other memorable trinkets that were near and dear to my heart. Yeah, yeah...I realize you're supposed to put wedding quilts and things you need for your future. (The feminist in me butt twitches over that chest purpose idea.) I like my trinkets way better.

When my parents drove out here to LA last week they came-a-toting my beloved chest and I've spent hours now slowly going through pictures, looking through my baby book, unfolding shirts I rocked in second grade and reading old diaries. It's been so much fun. I was a smart goober for keeping this sort of thing.

Life goes by so quickly and while my memory is good there were still good ole times I totally forgot.

PS Encourage your children to write in journals...going back and reading how stressful life was because you got M&Ms on your hand that day is frickin priceless ish!

My 2nd grade teacher puff painted this shirt for me and I kept it! (I could probably still fit into it...I didn't really grow "up there" after all...)

The chest is made out of all these different woods found on the maker's property.

Yes, little Tishy, those are the breaks...


  1. Awww. You were even awesome as a kid!

  2. lol awww shucks...thanks. I was definitely a special one...

  3. That is too cute for words!! I will be going out to find my little poo poo be doop one! Thanks for sharing!


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