Hollywood Heresy

There's a rule in Hollywood. You should never...NEVER EVER...expect for someone to approach you in a random place like Trader Joe's and expect them to give you that big break you've always wanted.

It's heresy to believe that way, but Jersey knows not this sacred rule so I had to forgive him the other day when he geeked the heck out over a random meeting I had at the grocery store.

It all started near the strawberries...

I was just minding my own business (wondering if Jersey was ever going to figure out where the asparagus was) when this woman approached me and started pulling on my braids. Yes, a strange woman touched me, invaded my personal bubble and I didn't flip the eff out. I was much too shocked to move.

She started going on and on about how lovely my hair was and how she missed curls desperately. She had modeled in NY as a youngin and they had always straightened out her hair so she never really got to appreciate the ringlets.

I thought that would be the end of it, but she kept going on about how she was Michael Jackson's cousin (which she could very well be because she had the Jackson cheeks for sure) and how she was a screenwriter and song writer.

I told her I couldn't sing worth a lick, but that I was an actress (in the making) so she gave me the run down of her latest screenplay she's trying to shop. It was good I must admit but how many folks do you know tell complete strangers their writing ideas? (Well besides me!)

Don't get your ideas took now!

Jersey came over and was blatantly delighted with the weirdness going down. When she asked for my number he was all too quick to start wagging his imaginary puppy dog tail with giddiness.

He asked me twice if I was going to call her, but I have the feeling that all is much too good to be true.

I texted her to say it was nice meeting her and she replied back, but I'm not entirely sure why she needed my number, why I gave it to her and what in the world she plans to do with that information.

Hollywood is so weird y'all...

It really is.


  1. Hey...you never know where your blessings will come from!


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