I get invited to do lots of fun and crazy things for Fit Bottomed Girls. I've met Bob Harper, some amazing Olympic athletes and writers from all over the darn place, but I swear I had a moment yesterday morning with Tim Tebow.

The kind of moment where I have to zone out for a bit, bite my lip...stop it from quivering and hold back the tears. He was just SO positive and inspiring and convincing. He made me want to go do a hundred push-ups and then run up to Spielberg and tell him I'm ready for my closeup.

I wasn't the only one affected by the Tebow, either. Jersey was in total awe. He's been talking about Tim for YEARS, y'all. When Tim Tebow was in college Jersey would go on and on about him...this amazing QB who was Filipino. The first time I saw Tim I was confused because he was a white boy. That's when Jersey explained that he was a white boy, but was raised in the Philippines...speaks Tagalog, gets bad with his pinoy SELF, yo! Then he made it to the NFL and started doing amazing things with the Broncos and my guy was over the moon in love.

Even when he was traded to the Jets, Jersey kept the love strong. (He's a hardcore Giants fan so this, my friends, is a big deal.) Seeing him talking with Tim; sharing laughs and running drills together was a pretty nice moment for me.

I've had a lot of haters make fun of us for being health nuts (can we say projection much?) but after yesterday I care not. I fell in love with my fella even more...He just looked so starry eyed and passionate. Think he may have found his calling. That boy wants to train athletes! The ones who are willing to wake up at 2am to put in the work. I bet I could say that right now to him and he'd get down on one knee....

"Jersey, can we do a 2am training? I just feel like I need more of an edge with my jump squats..."

...And then he'd bend, Tebow-style, and pop a big PHAT ring on my finger. This is a power I can't use carelessly, but know that some day I shall use this force for good.

So yeah, probably going down in my books as one of my all-time favorite moments. Isn't that crazy? I've had lots of great adventures thus far and sweet moments, but there's just something about my guy and Tebow and a great workout that just made life swell as swell can be.

Sweat on friends...sweat on.


  1. awesome...i'm gonna have to look into that frs drink i saw on instagram!

  2. It's actually good stuff. lol I'm surprised. It was created in a Harvard lab...NO CAFFEINE! :)


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