Day Four: How Tish Does Buck Buck

*Day Four: Fun

I think I have a lot of photography learnin' to do...(Lucy)

Capturing fun is hard man. Fun has changed dramatically for me. Fun means getting to wear what I feel comfortable in, relaxing and laughing me arse off. That can happen lots of different places...random places. Like today...running was actually fun. I have had THE hardest time with my runs lately...Just can't seem to get back the endurance I once carried around like a champ. Then today I ended up going later in the evening when it was cooler and both laps. (I can usually do one and then I stop and pick up the dusty lung that I lost a couple feet back and recover/run/walk the remaining lap.) I also had fun cleaning up my place. (Do I sound lame yet?)

I laughed a bit with my sickling boyfriend. The "hardy har" kind of laughs that cause toots and snorts. All of that lead to me taking this picture: it's what fun looks/feels like. My fun makes rooms spin, makes laughter boom, makes hands clap in excitement.

(...and sometimes those hands help me brace myself from falling flat on my butt, which is what happened shortly after taking this photo.)

*Photo of the Day July Challenge


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