Hollywood Heresy

There's a rule in Hollywood. You should never...NEVER EVER...expect for someone to approach you in a random place like Trader Joe's and expect them to give you that big break you've always wanted.

It's heresy to believe that way, but Jersey knows not this sacred rule so I had to forgive him the other day when he geeked the heck out over a random meeting I had at the grocery store.

It all started near the strawberries...

I was just minding my own business (wondering if Jersey was ever going to figure out where the asparagus was) when this woman approached me and started pulling on my braids. Yes, a strange woman touched me, invaded my personal bubble and I didn't flip the eff out. I was much too shocked to move.

She started going on and on about how lovely my hair was and how she missed curls desperately. She had modeled in NY as a youngin and they had always straightened out her hair so she never really got to appreciate the ringlets.

I thought that would be the end of it, but she kept going on about how she was Michael Jackson's cousin (which she could very well be because she had the Jackson cheeks for sure) and how she was a screenwriter and song writer.

I told her I couldn't sing worth a lick, but that I was an actress (in the making) so she gave me the run down of her latest screenplay she's trying to shop. It was good I must admit but how many folks do you know tell complete strangers their writing ideas? (Well besides me!)

Don't get your ideas took now!

Jersey came over and was blatantly delighted with the weirdness going down. When she asked for my number he was all too quick to start wagging his imaginary puppy dog tail with giddiness.

He asked me twice if I was going to call her, but I have the feeling that all is much too good to be true.

I texted her to say it was nice meeting her and she replied back, but I'm not entirely sure why she needed my number, why I gave it to her and what in the world she plans to do with that information.

Hollywood is so weird y'all...

It really is.

Hope Chest

Have you ever heard of a hope chest?

Well for my high school graduation gift, my great aunt had one made for me. When I went to college I filled it with books, pictures, and other memorable trinkets that were near and dear to my heart. Yeah, yeah...I realize you're supposed to put wedding quilts and things you need for your future. (The feminist in me butt twitches over that chest purpose idea.) I like my trinkets way better.

When my parents drove out here to LA last week they came-a-toting my beloved chest and I've spent hours now slowly going through pictures, looking through my baby book, unfolding shirts I rocked in second grade and reading old diaries. It's been so much fun. I was a smart goober for keeping this sort of thing.

Life goes by so quickly and while my memory is good there were still good ole times I totally forgot.

PS Encourage your children to write in journals...going back and reading how stressful life was because you got M&Ms on your hand that day is frickin priceless ish!

My 2nd grade teacher puff painted this shirt for me and I kept it! (I could probably still fit into it...I didn't really grow "up there" after all...)

The chest is made out of all these different woods found on the maker's property.

Yes, little Tishy, those are the breaks...

Meager Monday


Sometimes I have to remember that Meager Mondays is all about being thankful for the things in my life...whether they were free 99 or oodles of pennies like my darling Stella Moon (aka The iPad.)

Jersey had a brief love affair with my baby and then he was over it. (He got an iPhone and moved on.) I, on the other hand, still love my gal. She's great on vacations. 

My Netflix app comes in handy lots as well as the eBook apps. Keeps me connected in a snazzy way. 

Other apps I dig: Flipboard, Instagram, ArtStudio, Gilt Taste, and iMovie. 

Road Trip Chronicles

Northern California:

Mo is telling hilarious stories about me and my dramatic tantrums as a child. Apparently I yelled in a grocery store that my mother never let me watch my movies... She always watched nasty movies (her movie was Field of Dreams)

...The two of us are in the backseat slapping each other senseless as the men folk giggle at us.

How can you not love road trips? I swear Chevy made a huge mistake by not booking me for that national commercial about such trips. I appreciate the ish out of these kinda of adventures!

Summer Can Begin!

I can't believe it's finally here! I'm finally going on vacation! (visiting fam bam is nice, but that doesn't count people.) It's real vacation time. Yes, it involves family, but we're staying in beautiful condos, eating my uncle's divine BBQ, my mom's world-famous brisket and doing the white water rafting/outdoorsy stuff.

We (Jersey and the 'rents) plan to head out tonight for Oregon. We'll drive for as long as we care to and then we'll stay in a hotel and finish the rest of the darn trip the next day.

I must really love this man to take him on a road trip with my folks. Jersey listens to what I lovingly refer to as "panty dropping" music. My mom listens to 70's rock. I like Spice Girls when I need to stay awake so... Let the games begin. I think I'll need some Willie Nelson.

 "On the Road Again"

Racism and Voice

I had an Oprah moment this weekend.

Have you ever heard her discussing the show she did on skinheads and racists? She brought them on the show and let them spend the hour spitting hate and spreading pain. She thought she was exposing the hate and bringing light to an "underground" world, but she realized later she was only helping them recruit and she vowed after that show never to use her platform in that way again.

Let's fast forward to this past weekend. We all heard about the sadness that came crashing down in Aurora, CO. Jersey showed me this Instagram picture below.  It resonated with me so I posted it on facebook. I thought I'd get a couple of likes...I was sorely not prepared for the racist responses I got from a kid I went to elementary school with. I won't go into detail spreading the hate he spewed, but I will say I was hurt and shocked. I know there are ignorant people out there, but I didn't think they'd be so brave as to say ignorant stuff on my page.

I spent all day wondering if I should remove his words...The LAST thing I wanted to do was offend the good souls who can see what's on my page, but after talking to my wise friend, J,  I realized the right thing to do would be to defriend the mean soul and leave his words up for those who think we're living in a better world.

(I can't even begin to count the number of discussions I've had with people who believe racism is over. Sigh...)

It's not. It's still alive and well and it's still poisoning all of us.

I'll admit I'm not the best debater. I wish I always had the right, perfect words to say to help someone see how bad ignorance, hate and bigotry is...I wrote my pal who's a lawyer (a damn good lawyer) to help me with the words and rational. He did a dang good job, but the hateful fella is pretty blinded by his own beliefs.
I don't know how one helps one see. I was hoping by writing this mess out I'd write my way into some answer. I'm still waiting.

How do people change? What made this guy change?

Maybe I'll get better with time. Sadly, I know I'll have more practice ahead of me.

"When anyone, not least a member of Congress, launches specious and degrading attacks against fellow Americans on the basis of nothing more than fear of who they are and ignorance of what they stand for, it defames the spirit of our nation," ~ Sen. John McCain

Meaning in the Meager

Even those who practice the art of tomboy chic need a signature scent. I've gone through so many perfumes over the years. I'm not really good about having a couple of perfumes for different occasions. I get one and I stick to it for years.

I purchased this bottle last year and it still makes my eyes roll every time I spray a spurt. It's cliche (just a tiny bit) that it's called Very Hollywood, but I care not. I don't like smelling like a powdered old lady....hate floral scents with a passion and twitch when some thing's overpowering.

I'm that girl who walks through a perfume section with her nose scrunched shaking her head no at all the perfume sprayers. When I hear about new perfumes I write them down and then I go out seeking it to see how it smells. It's a lot of leg work for sure, but my nose is worth it.

Do you have a signature scent?



hipsters: "what! you're not allowed to like (insert underground band name here)! you're too mainstream! you listen to the.....RADIO"

average person: "oh..um.... i just like their music...because it's good....im sorry?"

hipster: *puts on fake glasses and walks away*

 "Original" Source

"Original" Source


I get invited to do lots of fun and crazy things for Fit Bottomed Girls. I've met Bob Harper, some amazing Olympic athletes and writers from all over the darn place, but I swear I had a moment yesterday morning with Tim Tebow.

The kind of moment where I have to zone out for a bit, bite my lip...stop it from quivering and hold back the tears. He was just SO positive and inspiring and convincing. He made me want to go do a hundred push-ups and then run up to Spielberg and tell him I'm ready for my closeup.

I wasn't the only one affected by the Tebow, either. Jersey was in total awe. He's been talking about Tim for YEARS, y'all. When Tim Tebow was in college Jersey would go on and on about him...this amazing QB who was Filipino. The first time I saw Tim I was confused because he was a white boy. That's when Jersey explained that he was a white boy, but was raised in the Philippines...speaks Tagalog, gets bad with his pinoy SELF, yo! Then he made it to the NFL and started doing amazing things with the Broncos and my guy was over the moon in love.

Even when he was traded to the Jets, Jersey kept the love strong. (He's a hardcore Giants fan so this, my friends, is a big deal.) Seeing him talking with Tim; sharing laughs and running drills together was a pretty nice moment for me.

I've had a lot of haters make fun of us for being health nuts (can we say projection much?) but after yesterday I care not. I fell in love with my fella even more...He just looked so starry eyed and passionate. Think he may have found his calling. That boy wants to train athletes! The ones who are willing to wake up at 2am to put in the work. I bet I could say that right now to him and he'd get down on one knee....

"Jersey, can we do a 2am training? I just feel like I need more of an edge with my jump squats..."

...And then he'd bend, Tebow-style, and pop a big PHAT ring on my finger. This is a power I can't use carelessly, but know that some day I shall use this force for good.

So yeah, probably going down in my books as one of my all-time favorite moments. Isn't that crazy? I've had lots of great adventures thus far and sweet moments, but there's just something about my guy and Tebow and a great workout that just made life swell as swell can be.

Sweat on friends...sweat on.

Possibly the Face of my Future

Okay what is going on with Hollywood?! A lot of actors are taking it to the internet and doing YouTube mini-series. If they can't pick up anything on the telly, then I'm screwed!

That being said, I actually dig this show featuring America Ferrera. Loved her ever since Ugly Betty. Good acting...production is good...the story line is decent.

It's a good summer time thing I guess.


...life that is. I was all ready to share this goofy post about how I went out and looked at engagement rings and how such acts of horror can scare the shat out of your boyfriend...I came home from that really fun time, turned on my computer and went to facebook and that's when I saw the most heartbreaking post from a friend.

A man she had JUST married two months ago had been in a fatal motorcycle accident and was gone.

All the breath...gone from my lungs.

I swear I thought it was a mean, cruel joke and I was planning on shaming some folks for their immaturity, but then I started seeing all the comments pouring in...the condolences and love and I lost it. Jersey sat beside me as I bawled and sobbed.

My friend is pregnant...she's going to have their baby without the father being there. I know she's an amazing, strong, empowered woman, but that still broke my heart. Because she was SO in love with this guy...all the pictures she would post...her smile was always so big.

I attended a funeral earlier this year. I find myself crying for my friend's late-husband just as hard as I cried for my boyfriend's father. I had never even met her husband. There's just something about that specific loss...the unexpected shock that brings me to my knees.

There are no profound words to share. I'm just heartbroken and scared out of my mind and I don't know why I'm scared. I don't know why I want to push all engagement and wedding talk away instead of embrace it. Life is short, but I'm not acting rationally.

Meaning in the Meager

When my father passed away I was given a few of his things: a tape of Earth, Wind & Fire songs, a bunch of his chemistry books and this little bunny below that he kept on his work desk. (Random and beautiful, don't you think?)

When I received his things as a 9 year-old I wasn't cognizant of how much important they'd become later in life. The music wasn't really my thing as a kid (though I did try my hardest to love it) and the chemistry books made my head hurt, but luckily I hung on to the bunny which now sits near all my jewelry. It's kept near my favorite pieces just as it should be. 

It has a broken little ear...it was probably some cute inside joke between my dad and his coworkers that he detested, but I care not. It's something of his and for that it's probably one of those items I'd list if you asked me what I'd grab if my home were on fire and I could only take three things. 

Apparently Jersey never knew the story behind this little guy until this weekend. Now I catch him looking at it like I do; with love and curiosity. 

Love some bunny and cherish the good. 

Luscious Liz


My secret hidden inner party animal has come out to howl and get buck buck! Okay so it's not so hidden and secret, but it feels that way when I have to be miss goody goody two-shoes during the week. Humor me a little.

My college pal...siamese twin (cajoined twin at the hip) Liz is in town visiting me and I can't even begin to tell you how dope it is to walk down memory lane with her. When we were upset or needed a jolt of good buddy time we'd meet at this little snowcone stand off campus and we'd sit there for an hour laughing and clearing the air of any silly college drama we had found ourselves in.

We set each other up on some interesting dates...(I once introduced her to a man who everyone called "Bubbles"...I'm truly sorry about that lapse in judgement, my dear.)

Now that she's a big shot director at a University in Middle Earth we rarely get to see each other. Thankfully she's out here ready to cause some new and improved havoc with me in LA...meaning we'll go to Pink Taco tonight and get hammered on sangrias.

Putting the ass in class since 2000.

Beautiful Layers

It never gets old. Seeing something I've written in print makes me geek and squeak.

Last year I went to a Dole event for Fit Bottomed Girls and met this sweet, shy chick named Lorrie. We bonded over blogs and become twitter twats and life was sweet. Then she asked if I'd write something for an online magazine she was starting up and life got mo sweeter, mo betta. How many times do you get the opportunity to have your work published?

I don't know about y'all, but I love seeing my ish in print. Is that bad to say? Or is that something a writer should dig? I don't know, but I do. (sheepish/devilish grin)

Beyond the print part, it felt damn good to write about my acting stuff. I told y'all earlier this week I was feeling mighty low about the whole thing (no callback from the audition I had this week...for Old Spice...damn it again!) It felt good to get a little jolt of something positive to prevent my heart from taking a permanent plunge into proverbially mound of hot poop.

As always I hope that some awesome director with an itch to "discover" new blood reads that bad boy and makes me his new protege. It could happen...

In the meantime, check out Beautiful Layers.


Dolly don't like polka dots!


This is Dolly...

...Or as I like to call her, Sir Didymus (AKA Sir Diddy)

Dolly is my God dog. My gal pal, E, has this amazing job that is unfortunately keeping her at the office for awhile so I said I'd watch until she finishes her project. She thinks this is some kind of burden, but I'm geeking out over having a real pup in the place! I love the little pitter patter sound of her paws on the floor. 

Our first walk was fun. She's already made nice with a big arse dog in the neighborhood named Wiley. Sheesh can that dame FLIRT! I saw fanny flickers. Yep, sure did...naughty little minx.

So regal and ish...

The Culprit Behind My Insomnia

So the other night I couldn't sleep. I sat there, staring at the ceiling, wondering where I fit in the whole dream thing...if I'd ever make it...how I'd make it.

There are all of these things my agent and folks think I should do...magic pills I should swallow in order to find the dream, but I'm just drowning in suggestions. I got up finally at 1:30 in the morning and watched some more episodes of Felicity until finally my lavender oil kicked in and made me drowsy.

The next day I was still feeling down and out and then I got another audition. Yes, I got an audition and this time I didn't blast it all over the internet. I didn't tell anyone because I have no idea how these things work. The hope and giddiness that came with the first couple is now gone.

Now I'm just scared shatless that it may not happen for me. I went to the audition yesterday and sat on a bunch with a row of beautiful women...some even models I've seen before. Long legs, no cellulite, perfect women...and my heart sank even deeper into my chest.

I listened my little heart out to the directions for that commercial. I did everything the way the man behind the camera wanted me to without having to take multiple takes, which was good, (go me for following directions!) but I know with all of those women I have a fat chance in hell of getting that darn thing.

I really do hope that some day I get to be the lucky one who books the commercial. I don't know what magic it takes, but I want it so bad.

I came home afterwards and gorged on salad. (Total emotional eating. Glad I didn't have any ice cream laying around.)

Tossing and turning in Los Angeles...

This picture was hanging outside of the casting door. If that's not intimidation I don't know what is!

Instacanv.as Art

Have I told you how obsessed I am with taking pictures? I call it documening and I looooOOOooooVe me some documenation. A couple of weeks ago I learned that you can actually buy your Instagram art. When it shows up at your door it's on this groovy canvas material. Voila! Makes me feel like I'm that much closer to Ansel and Annie. (wink wink)

Meaning in the Meager

Today I celebrate my library card's lovely meaning. This thing is the bomb and saves me from financial ruin. (Well if I read books faster it would.) I love when I find the book we're reading for book club at the library. Makes my heart do mini, fast and controlled booty shake wiggles.

Our last book was one I chose. It was so new none of the libraries had it yet so the book lost points before I even cracked the darn thing. Now we've moved on to Nickel and Dimed and that bad girl was in so I was happy and then some.

God bless the piece of plastic that actually saves me money instead of sucking the green stuff dry.

Spur of the Moment

So Jersey and I haven't had an adventure in quite some time so we decided to hop in the car early Saturday morning and make a day out of San Diego. We had such a blast taking it beat by beat. We started off by visiting this awesome restaurant that serves portions that I truly believe are the number one cause for obesity in America...


Do you see how big this plate is?!

After the grub we knew we needed to do something fun and active that would work off those ginormous meals. Jersey had never been to the San Diego Zoo so guess what we did. It was meant to be, too. We were walking up to the gate and this nice couple approached us and asked if we needed tickets. Apparently their friends flaked and they had extra tickets that they only made us pay half for. SCORE!

This mango strawberry margarita from Casa Guadalajara was the bomb. Love that it matched my place setting.

I love the little shops in Old Town San Diego...

We had THE best coffee splurge, too. Caramel dulce de leche? Whaaaaaa

Jersey's a big fan of haunted anything. Apparently the Whaley House is one of two places in the country that's officially haunted. Not just speculations. Creepy? Yes.

After the Whaley adventure we took a trip to the cemetery down the street (morbid, aren't we?) and checked out some of the graves the tour guide told us about. That part was creepy...especially since the sun was going down. Who hangs out in a cemetery?! Jersey.

We left shortly after that last adventure...came home exhausted out of our minds, but it was worth it. It's days like Saturday that make me love my glorious Southern California.  There's adventures oozing out of every mile of this gosh darn area.

Day 6: Where My Butt Chills

Day 6: Chair

I love the two twin chairs that currently chill in my living room. I don't sit in them often. They're more like butt candy.

Day 5

*Day 5: On the Floor

Yesterday Jersey and I headed over to our pal's place in Pasadena. I spent HOURS in the pool with the kids. Felt like I was 10 again. If my arms aren't cut tomorrow from all the kid throwing and catching then I shall never have muscles.

I ate the world's best chili, apple pie, BBQ'ed pork (which I haven't eaten in YEARS because I have a fear of brain worms), watermelon, and all the other good ish you're supposed to eat on the Fourth.

All in all, I'd say yesterday's holiday was a pretty good one.

Day Four: How Tish Does Buck Buck

*Day Four: Fun

I think I have a lot of photography learnin' to do...(Lucy)

Capturing fun is hard man. Fun has changed dramatically for me. Fun means getting to wear what I feel comfortable in, relaxing and laughing me arse off. That can happen lots of different places...random places. Like today...running was actually fun. I have had THE hardest time with my runs lately...Just can't seem to get back the endurance I once carried around like a champ. Then today I ended up going later in the evening when it was cooler and both laps. (I can usually do one and then I stop and pick up the dusty lung that I lost a couple feet back and recover/run/walk the remaining lap.) I also had fun cleaning up my place. (Do I sound lame yet?)

I laughed a bit with my sickling boyfriend. The "hardy har" kind of laughs that cause toots and snorts. All of that lead to me taking this picture: it's what fun looks/feels like. My fun makes rooms spin, makes laughter boom, makes hands clap in excitement.

(...and sometimes those hands help me brace myself from falling flat on my butt, which is what happened shortly after taking this photo.)

*Photo of the Day July Challenge

Day Three

*Day 3: Best Part of My Day


So yeah...I've written before about being obsessed with Felicity episodes. Well they've become a favorite part of my day...mostly because I never get to watch that ish around Jersey. He whines like a little be-yotch if it's on when he enters the room. Normally I'd ignore him and keep on keeping on, but folks on Felicity whisper (like a whole lot) so I need total silence. I need for those in the room with me to respect this show. It's perfection wrapped up in sitcom drama loveliness.

So when I do get some time to myself... I put my feet up. I snuggle into my favorite corner of my couch and watch like I've never watched before. 

Photo A Day


Day 1: Self Potrait

Felicity has me wanting to rock a curly frizz fro. I dig soft whispy hair. Feels gooooooooood.

Day 2: Busy

This may seem like Greek to you, but it's my list of all the ish I have to do for acting. I twitch every time I look at this.

Meaning in the Meager

My first year of college I made the Dean's List. To celebrate that awesome ish I went out and bought myself this watch which I still rock to this day. It makes me proud. Gotta celebrate that noggin, y'all! Praise our intelligence...and honor our potential to do phenomenal thangs.

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