Yesterday I went on my very first wine tasting adventure!

(That's one more notch on my big kid belt.) I accompanied three lovely ladies to Malibu and we hopped between two different spots and ate at this fantastic little spot that had THE best rosemary pulled chicken. Between the wine and the man-mosas (giant sized mimosas) I'm about liquored out for a very long time. Like a loooong time. 

It was a nice day though. I got a sweet little buzz. I tried some really groovy wines including one from a place called the Woodstock Black Widow. It was smooth, yo. Dug the name lots. 

Malibu is so beautiful. We visited the Malibu Cafe and I immediately wanted a million dollars so that one day I could get hitched there. There were twinkle lights, a large open space, enchanting ponds and this over all wonderful sense of calm. 

Made for the perfect day.


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