The Village Idiot

Yesterday's audition was a brand new experience for me. I didn't freak out at all. No nervous poots, no sharts (yep, I wrote that!) I was a calm individual just trying to make sure I could walk into the building without screaming out in back pain.

I made it down to Santa Monica easily enough; found great parking (which never happens) and only semi-embarrassed myself walking back and forth in front of the casting door. When I finally came in everyone was laughing at me...apparently I'm not the only one who was having a hard time finding the door. The place was called The Village Studio...apparently village idiots are welcomed and encouraged there.

I was paired with a 16 year-old-boy named Lexington (groovy name, right?) and off we went to audition together. It was oh-so-glamorous. I did a little improv work as a college counselor and that was it. Five minutes tops. Better than a poop commercial though, right?!

Callbacks aren't until the 18th and 19th so if I do get the callback it'll be awhile. I'm just really thankful at this point that I'm getting auditions. Lexington was the nervous one which was really cute to witness. His little chucks were shaking with fierceness.

I'm learning to get comfortable with the life of an actor...meaning I'm finding the fun in all the parts of acting...not just the jobs I book and get paid for. Imagine that...I'm being more realistic and not so hard on myself. Hopefully it's not a phase. It's hard to know with a drama queen, though...


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