Super R.A.G.

So yesterday I had ANOTHER audition. (This new agent is my favorite person in the whole wide world!!!) This time I was going out for a part requesting a Latina mom. I can do that! I can do a whole mess of things because everyone and their dog mistakes me for every race in the book.

(I've once told someone I was Japanese and they didn't even flinch.)

I wasn't sweating the new race box I'd need to check until I got to the actual audition and saw that I was seriously the only non-Latina girl there. Everyone was and then there was me. The crazy part was when all of us girls went into the room to find out what we'd be doing for the audition I chirped up that I wasn't Latina and they were all shocked. Super R.A.G. (racically ambiguous girl) had done it again.

The casting director assured me it didn't matter so I did my magic vaccuum face (please don't ask) and was out the door.

While waiting for my turn I did make quick friends with a gal beside me. Don't know her name, but do know she's Filipina and some other mixes and was BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL. She told me I had great energy (I love when people talk Hippy to me!) and told me it's a good thing I'm starting to get asked to audition for my mommy-like roles because there are more of 'em out there.

I think I have to let go of my agist pride and accept it. I am in my 30s afterall... Just because I feel like a 14 year-old-kid doesnt mean I'll book for that age range!

I just have to take care of my nerves. I swear I walk in to each audition cool as a cucumber and leave a hot mess. I just over-analyze everything. Did I push that magic vacuum around well? Did I smile too much? Was I too perky? Not perky enough? Could I have pushed it differently than every other girl who went in that room? What kind of person has these thoughts?! An actress in training, that's who!

I swear every time I shower with this soap that J gave me for my birthday I get an audition ping.  It's magic...more magical than  that darn vacuum cleaner; that's for sure!


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