PMS Vaccine

Wooo I've had some raging PMS lately. I woke up Sunday morning and everything was wrong. I was crying over my weight gain, crying that I'm back at square one with working out (darn back ish screwed me), pissed at my acne, pissed that I haven't made it yet, pissed that writing was so ripping my brain to shreds, pissed that my shorts were too small and giving me camel toe.

I feel bad for Jersey...He could tell me no right. He could dry no tears. I was just in self-mean girl mode and I was on FIYA!!!

Okay I'm still a little bit there. I'm really frustrated with working out lately. I had to take time off to nurse a back injury, so now that I'm back I'm starting over...AGAIN. I feel like I'm always starting over...that I'm forever a weakling...It's SO frustrating.

I was swinging those kettle bells with a vengeance!

Someone please invent a vaccine for PMS. PLEASE! Rid it from this world!

I am so thankful I survived this round of pimply monster stabbiness. Also glad Jersey survived, too.

I told Jersey not to eff with the power of hormones. They can eat you alive!


  1. xoxo

    i'm brave enough to comment here, because man sakes ALIVE the sloan woman (my maiden name) know how to PM-freaking-S.

    so let me know if you ever find that vaccine.

    and also, I'm loving that self-portrait. hotness.

  2. I feel your pain!
    I don't know how to help the pimple thing, but I have somewhat found a solution for the crazy mood-swings - Super complex B vitamins. Anything is worth a shot, right

  3. @Tara Elena has saved us from the mood swings! Super complex B vitamins! (I'm sure that least that's what I'll call my new PMS vaccine meds. "bubbly pills")

    @Rachel missed ya lady! Glad you're back to writing!


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