Out of Commission

This past Saturday I tried out a new fitness class for FBG called Pound that I swear broke my damn back. I'll go into details about how that happened on FBG. That's not the important part at this moment. The part that's been bugging me all weekend long is the fact that I've been out of commission and unable to do jack diddly squat on my break from work.

I had plans to wake up early Sunday morning, go for a run, get some great coffee and see a movie by myself. The perfect solo date day...but instead I didn't sleep at all Saturday night. Every slight movement sent me into hysterics; ripping me from my sleep and causing me to cry out in pain. I've never felt pain like this before. (It was like I was channeling Frida Kahlo...that kind of pain.)

I laid in bed, awake and scared for about four hours and then finally got up the nerve to get up and head downstairs so that I could let Brigid in. She brought me Aleve and company (for which I'm eternally grateful) and helped me calm down.

I'm depressed as shat. I have an audition today that I'm pretty sure is going to take all my willpower to prepare for and then get to.

This has sent me for a long loop. I'm so disappointed and frustrated with my body. Upset that I can't just walk around like I want to...Pissed OFF that I can't even pick up a plate without wincing...raged the heck out that this crap is interfering with my acting dreams.

Jersey comes home on Wednesday and I don't feel like I've done a good job of making him proud...I've proven that I'm not so good at being independent and comfortable with just myself. I was hoping while he was gone I'd get out and explore my city...show him and myself that I'm a big girl but alas, all I've done is show that I had WAY too big of a crush on Sheila E as a kid.

I sat in that Pound class hitting the shat out of those drum sticks, bending over for a good hour like I had the body of a teenager.

If anything good came from this ailment it's that I'll never regret drumming lessons. I picked the right dream for realz!

Bringing sexy to the back


  1. OMG, the same thing happened to me last week! Seriously SAME thing. I did something to my back! Not even sure what did it. Scary coincidence.

    I couldn't sleep for two nights because every movement and every position hurt like hell. I'd never felt that way before. I ended up having to sleep on the floor. It wasn't that much better but on the floor, I could find one very specific "sweet spot" that if I laid in that position and didn't move at all, it didn't hurt. LOL Of course being that restricted was awful. On day three, the pain was gone but it was a terrible two days.

    Sorry you had the same experience. It was terrible. I was hobbling around like an old lady.

  2. Don't beat yourself up, darlin! You have opportunities every day to show how independent and wonderfully solitary you are...if that makes sense (it did to me just now) - ha ;) I'm sending good vibes for the back pain as well as the audition - you are an actress, after all! Work that ish like your back is brand new. XOXO

  3. How in the heck did we both have the same injury?! How did you get yours?

  4. It was during jazzercise. LOL. We were working with weights, working our shoulders but our back shoulder muscles (Who knew there were muscles back there!?!?! LOL. Probably most people.) and I don't know what I did but I hurt something. of course I didn't know it at the time. It was only until later that night that the pain kicked in. I also couldn't quite tell if my sides were hurt too. We did ab work as well. All I know is there was PAIN! Uncomfortable horrible pain. I had to skip class on Wednesday because of it.


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