Meaning in the Meager Monday


I am not a 'purse chick' by any means. I don't keep bags for different looks. I only have one look--Tish geek /tomboy chic and so I rock this crossbody Marc by Marc Jacobs bag ALL.THE.TIME. 

I never got that whole accessory pairing thing apparently.

I love all the space in this bad boy. I love the prep-tastic strap and the pockets for my little odds and ends. The one thing I can't love and will never love are the two huge ink stains on the bottom of it. I got them both from sitting my bag under a plane seat. Still peeves me. 

That's it though. Got it for Christmas two holidays ago and still love it just as much as I did then.

"Bag gone hurt your back"


  1. Girl, I feel ya. I wear the same crossbody bag every day with every outfit; doesn't matter what I'm wearing. Same watch too. I don't change bags or accessories to match outfits. Just the thought of it seems like too much work. Who cares? Not I!

  2. EXACTLY! Too much work makes Tishy a crazy girl.


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