The First Day

The first day back in LA was weird. Weird to be back without the fella, but even weirder trying to get back to the three hour time difference as well as that dreadful thing called work. 

The day passed quickly. J was in town for a Bob Harper personal workout (yes, I've befriended a kick-ass fitness rock star apparently) so I had a playmate to keep me from drowning in my adult sorrows.

I took her out for some scrumptious burgers at The Counter and then we came home for some quiet time...painted our nails, watched some telly and drank some wine she had previously tried on her honeymoon in Napa Valley. 

It was like old big hoopla. Just good ole friend time. 

Now that I'm calm, settled and unpacked I just need some time to process the last week and a half. Maybe I'll go a bit back's been a bit nutty lately. 

I need to do some FBG writing, get in some book writing and think about the acting job I came so close to getting. Sprinkle in a little time for my relationship and how much closer it's gotten.

I'm preparing to have my mind BLOWN.  


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