I gave up Netflix months ago, but I'm back once again...all in the name of Felicity. A friend started watching the episodes again and when she mentioned the show I immediately flashed back to a sweeter time when I was a Junior in high school...the only stressers I had were getting my homework done in time to catch the show and wondering if my hair would ever be as pretty as hers.

Watching it again is sort of weird. The college-y stuff didn't make sense when I was in high school...It was all dreams and fantasies at that point, but now that I've lived through that period...I can reminisce the ish out of my college years and that show. The relationships, the odd jobs here and there, the parties and weeks of studying for finals with friends. I miss it so...

It's this beautiful past time I engage in whenever I have a couple of hours to pass. Last Friday I woke at 5:30am and actually passed up trying to get more sleep for a couple rounds of Noel and Ben. And I'm finding out all of this cool new stuff that I didn't know before like Taraji P. Henson was on a bunch of episodes. Janeane Garofalo is the voice of Sally (the woman Felicity is always talking to on tape recorders) and Jennifer Garner was awkwardly adorable during her cameo.

I swear I'm going to cry all over again when I finish all the episodes, but for now I'm in heaven...loving every minute of it. I swear they don't make shows like this with characters this great anymore. Might I add this is the perfect time to re-watch great shows...because there is absolutely NOTHING on TV this summer.

I must go and listen to the theme song of the show now...because I have the CD. I loved it like that back then, yo!

I loved Javier! I used to do impersonations of him. "Don't lie to me...Do I look fat? Do I need a tummy tuck?"

Fun things I've noticed that totally remind me it was shot in 1997: No one has cell phones. They talk about pagers at times. Noel geeks out over the iMac. (Love that one!)


  1. I own all four seasons on DVD. You make me want to pull them out and relive! Seriously, my all-time favorite show during my first two years of college.

  2. Oh my God !! Felicity was the best tv serie ever.


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