A Call Back...

I'm going to be with Jersey for a couple of days...When your love calls; you go. He asked and I went into action. By the time you read this I'll be on a plane. Sometimes you just have to drop everything and be there. I sadly have expertise in the area that pains him the most, so I'm there to be a listening ear and help in anyway I can.

While booking my flight out there I found out the folks at my audition liked me enough for a callback. This is my first callback out here in LA. I've never been so happy, relieved, sad, mad, crazed and desperate in the same breath before. I managed to keep my head and heart in tact long enough to rearrange the audition and flight so I can do both. This is the first time being a good planner felt like I was being a creep. I am far from being wise, but I'm learning.

Life's complexities...

Sorry for being so cryptic. I can't really focus today. I can't get the words out with quite the same ease. 

For those who pray, pray for peace of mind for my Jersey family.


  1. Congrats on the callback! All my best juju is on it's way to Jersey.

  2. Thank you!!! Much appreciated!


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