Weekend in photos


I had a good long weekend! 

Now I'm exhausted. Maybe I shouldn't have waited until the end of the holiday weekend to write. Hmmm....I'll keep that in mind for next year. 

I was on the go nonstop this weekend. I swear I was at home to eat, sleep and poop only. I pulled a newborn in my own home. Weird for me, for sure.

I loved every moment of it. It ended with a great car ride...cruising the Sepulveda Pass, wind blowing through our hair as the four of us (the beach bandits) sang Gotye at the top of our lungs. 

Who says 30 is for grown ups. I still feel like a kid with crazy new freedom embracing the world as HAWD as I can.

On my way to a party. Celebrating National Wine Day and the 63 degree cold front that came in!
Cinespia night: Went and saw Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn
Attended a grip of BBQs!
More Cinespia
Fun kid Bella
Beach day!


  1. Looks like fun times!

    Funny, we were in the 90s here and you were over there in California wearing layers. Oh, nature. So random and unpredictable.


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