There She Goes

Sing it with me, people!

THEre SHE GOes...There SHE goes AGAIN...

And by going I'm talking about I'm in that sad rut filled with gallons of overly dramatic tears because Jersey's leaving again. He'll be back home for a month or so...maybe a bit longer. We don't really know right now, but it's a bummer.

I shall miss him. I swear this big ole home seems oh-so-huge and lonely when it's just me out...talking to the walls. The walls are sick of listening to me sucking back snot.

The kitchen is sick of me scrubbing the ish out of it. Basically mama's gotta get out or she's going to bust.

I've had some pretty lovely friends reach out to me and ask if they can come out and hang which has meant the world to me. Seriously...caused me to tear up again.

I hope to keep busy as much as possible. I shall re-register for Central Casting (I ain't too proud to beg!...for background work.) I have to call my agency new agent FINALLY wants to meet.

I'll try to read...try to be a gangsta of love and stop the whining. I'm a sentimental fool. I sort of love that about me...


  1. Aww, I know how that feels, I'll pray that whatever is keeping him home resolves sooner than later. Hang in there, you never know that background gig you wouldn't have applied for may lead to something big. Positive thoughts Chica :)


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