Silence in the Hole!

Last night was my first official night going completely solo. I spoke to no one...I work from home so I worked. Then I finished and I turned off my computer. I went for a run. I came home and showered. I made a salad for dinner and then I finished a book. Then I cried because that damn book was sooo very good. Elegance of the it. Be prepared for lovely writing to rock your world.

Overall I'd give my first night alone a 7. I don't mind alone time every once in a blue moon. Sometimes I just need to get stuff done. I get weird when I can't have a minute to myself to read more than a chapter of a book. But after I finished my book I had enough silence to start processing the fact that it's going to be like this for a long time.

Pity party moment: This situation sucks. I feel sorry for myself.

Post pity party: American Idol was semi-entertaining. I still have a crush on Steven Tyler (as old as he is!) and being left for a couple of months isn't the worst predicament...

I'm taking all of this one day at a time...trying to find the best way to minimize the fire coming out of my snarling nose.

Watched Big...classic I say.


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