I had this thought while running the other day...

I was running uphill into the wind and I was tiring myself out pretty quickly when something in me told me to acknowledge the fact that I was jus starting out on the run...Still had 2 miles to go and would do my body and sanity a favor if I just stopped fighting it and slowed down my pace and mustered through the hard part.

I knew I'd reach the end point sooner or later...asked myself what the frickin rush was and then went about my run.

Same could apply to my acting pursuits. I know I'll get there and right now I'm on an incline with some annoying wind pushing me back...I just have to get comfortable with the pace I know I can do (that won't kill me!) and trust that I'll get there sooner or later.

Not all of us were born with a golden 6 minute pace. Just hope that metaphor holds up...


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