Meaning in the Meager Monday

I'm starting to really dig this little assignment I've created for myself! 

Something I truly, deeply cherish (especially on a Saturday morning) is my bed. 

I had this vision of a peaceful, calming room filled with whites, greys and blues and I got it! Have you ever noticed how everyone on HGTV says their room is their sanctuary? I never knew what that meant. I never wanted a room that implied I needed shelter/protection from something. Hopefully my life isn't that chaotic...(snort of sarcasm)

Now ask me if I needed a room that I always wanted to squeal in once I entered. If my bedroom was a Pandora radio station it would be an Ella Fitzgerald "Dream a Little Dream of Me" and it's all because of my beautiful bed. 


  1. Your bed definitely looks very cosy.... good work.
    Ronnie xo


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