Meaning in the Meager Monday


Another possession that I'm grateful for and take care of: My beautiful wallet. 

Years ago I took my kid sis to a baseball game at Dodger Stadium and someone stole my old wallet. Yep, a green, cute little one that I adored. 

I mourned that darn thing for months. Then one day I was walking the streets of Pasadena and saw this little beauty in Pasadena at the Kenneth Cole store and forgot all about the green. 

I know I love the color, but I rarely rock it.  And this color...well this burnt orange color is beautiful. It's handsome, structured and neat. Everything they say my father was. (Take that back to Freud's journal and analyze that bad boy!)


  1. Haha, LOL to that last line.
    That truly is beautiful. Burnt orange is awesome.
    Ronnie xo


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