On Friday Jersey and I were watching Seven on TV...That horrifically infamous scene at the end came and went and then we sat there and watched the credits.
Finally Jersey spoke up.

"That was Kevin Spacey?!"

"Yeah that was the movie that made him basically."

...which got me thinking. It's funny how you don't think of someone existing until they've arrived in their career of choice. What a sad state of mind I've carried around with me. Even more sad that I think of myself as a little eggling...just waiting until I'm real. And of course I've chosen the hardest birth possible...popping up on a movie set and saying my lines.

Two rather simple actions that are THE hardest thing for someone like me to do.

Gotta change that mindset before I go absolutely looney tunes.


  1. It's so true. I also hate the term "overnight success." Just because the person seemed to have suddenly come from nowhere and become popular to the masses doesn't mean that person hasn't been toiling away for years to achieve their sudden success.

    You need to be in movies, woman. I have no doubt in your capabilities. I just hope Hollywood figures it out soon. I get so mad when I see bad actors on TV or in movies when I know you can do so much better. Grrrr!


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